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Lesvos Island

Lesvos Island is the third largest of the Greek islands. The island has 370km of coastline, a resident population of 900,000, and is known for its production of ouzo and olive oil. Lesvos attracts tourists who want to experience the real Greece, its history, culture, food and nature.

The island has everything: ancient sights, traditional villages, medieval castles, museums and monasteries, beautiful beaches, hot springs, great cuisine and nightlife, and some of the best bird watching in the world.

Many visitors fall in love with Lesvos and return year after year.


Lesvos has much to offer visitors with activities to suit everyone: historians, gourmets, shoppers, nature lovers or those who just want to unwind.

Swimming and Watersports

Little Bird has two pools on the property and direct access to the sea. Or you can explore the island’s many beautiful pebble or sand beaches. Hire an umbrella or beach chair on one of the resort-style beaches or find a secluded spot to while away the day.

You can snorkel of scuba dive in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea or experience the area by canoe, kayak or jet ski. Or charter a boat to sail to St George Island, an easy distance across the sea from Little Bird villas.


For walkers, Little Bird villas are ideally located. Local tavernas are just 5 minutes away or take a 15-20 minute walk along the coast to Petra where the historic church sits atop a rock in the centre of the village.

If you want to go further afield, Lesvos has many walking trails for exploring historical, cultural or natural attractions.

Or get off the tourist track and devise your own walking tour through the traditional villages of Lesvos Island.

Bird Watching

Lesvos is one of the best bird watching locations in Europe. Situated on the north coast, Little Bird villas are in a perfect spot for viewing little and large birds alike.

Spring is the most popular season for birders with migration underway but whatever the season, there are many species to enjoy. Watch the playful wagtails, finches and skylarks. Hear the songs of the thrushes, warblers and nightingales. See the cormorants, pelicans and grebes fishing off the coast. Or marvel at the ospreys, falcons and kestrels soaring overhead. Bee-eaters come to feed in the fruit groves, and herons, egrets and flamingos visit the island when the wetlands are full.

Historical Lesvos

You can immerse yourself in the history of Lesvos Island. Visit 3000-year-old monasteries and churches, medieval castles and an ancient Roman aqueduct.

Just 5km by road from Little Bird villas is the Castle of Mithima. The original castle was conquered by Achilles during the Trojan War and the ruins of Troy are right across the narrow strait between Mithima and Turkey.

Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest of Lesvos is one of the world’s finest geological sites. Twenty million years ago, volcanic materials covered the site, preserving the forest in time. The forest is the home of the largest standing petrified tree in Europe. The tree is an ancestor of the modern day sequoia or California Redwood. You can explore the Petrified Forest via a series of walking trails.


There are many interesting shops, galleries and boutiques in the towns and villages of Lesvos. You’ll find gifts and jewellery, maps and cards, books and music, traditional sweets, as well as local produce, wines and ouzos. Or visit the Mitilini market for an incredible array of antiques and bric-a-brac.

Hot Springs

The hot springs of Lesvos are known for their therapeutic benefits. The springs at Eftalou are easily reached by car from Little Bird villas. Eftalou springs offer individual private tubs or communal bathing, and the healing waters are recommended for a variety of ailments including rheutism, arthritis, sciatica and neuralgia.

Throughout the island you’ll find ancient bathhouses and more up-to-date facilities for relaxing and enjoying the healing waters.

Yoga and Meditation

For complete relaxation, attend a meditation session in Petra. Or add some yoga to your holiday schedule.

Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife

While Little Bird villas are self-catering, when you don’t feel like cooking there are plenty of places to eat and drink in the area and further afield. In the morning at nearby Mithima, you can sit at a café and watch the fishermen unload their catch. Come back later in the day to enjoy amazing seafood in one of the excellent fish restaurants.

Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine and local ouzo and wines in the cafes and taverna. Lesvos specialties include grilled sardines, fresh anchovies, spicy eggplant and zucchini flowers.

Day Trip to Turkey

You can see the coastline of Turkey from the terraces and balconies of the Little Bird villas. Local tourism operators can organise day trips across the Aegean Sea to explore the fascinating land.

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